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We have done it million times and we would repeat it another million!

Captivated by the quiet beauty found in spaces bleached of all colour, the tranquil enchantment of a landscape washed white, we're inspired by ceremonial spaces offering a mood of balance, simplification and purity, in which catholic or orthodox ceremonies take place! Creating a calm and timeless space, free from props, clutter, trends and fads - instead, finding beauty in surrounds of breathtaking sparsity



Indian couples always bring in a vision of classic romance that blends in a unique way with the Greek backdrops. When planning an indian wedding we fall in love with the extravagant details, the customary rituals and the intrigue henna paintings during Mehndi night. That marvelous palette of fiery orange glittering golds, fire engine red and shocking pink when boldly contrasted against thick deep green foliage set a scene like no other. 

The highlight of the indian wedding is the strong bonding between the families that is present all over the place!



When decorating a Chuppah we can’t stop gazing at the abundance of cascading flowers over the canopy. When we first asked about the smashing glass during the ceremony one of our beloved couples noticed : “love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected, and helps us remember that the world too is broken and that with acts of tikkun olam - repairing the world-, we can help make it whole again. That was enough to spontaneously shout "mazel tov” every time we hear the sound. There is magic when the rabbi offers words of welcome and thanksgiving and an ambience of high spirituality casts in every corner.



“We ‘ve always been about burning stars. All about us is unearthly and radiant”.

For the free spirited couple that marriage means family and promise for enternal love is a brilliant feast, there are plenty of choices and backdrops for a lavish ceremony. Here is the chance to play with the hues and shadows ofthe Greek sky! Rich with the gentlest gradations of blue and hazy mauves, pools of light and the golden glow of an ombre sky meeting the vastness of the azzure sea! A certain magic at play in the half light of dusk, a particular magic required to tell such stories.